Heartland Adjusting Mold

Mold damage occurs in moist, dark areas of your home or property. As mold spreads, it can release spores that pollute the air and make their way into air ducts, triggering allergic reactions in sensitive people. Mold in homes can cause a variety of other serious health issues, and is the enemy of a home’s structure. It tends to affect wood in much the same way as termite damage, weakening the structure of the building.

Mold is a live fungus, and it naturally breaks down the dead tissues of organic materials. In nature, it is an important part of the ecosystem, digesting dead matter and returning it to the soil as food for new plant and animal life.

If your property has mold damage, the moisture problem needs to be fixed, and the mold itself needs to be removed. Both steps need to occur or the mold will return.  Heartland Adjusting can advise you on fixing the problem, and assisting with your insurance claim.

Your property is your most valuable possession and typically the largest investment. Heartland Adjusting will see to it that you restore your home back to the proper condition and minimize the haggling and stress your insurance company will impose on you when filing a mold damage insurance claim. Contact Heartland Adjusting today to start the process of a proper equitable recovery to your mold damage claim.